The Warrior She

Want to be encouraged to be a woman who follows The Lord in all you do? Then meet #ourcreativevillage’s community member, Lisa Wagner (@thewarriorSHE).🧡 .

Lisa has a podcast called ‘the Warrior SHE’ on iTunes and most podcasting apps. She helps women realize the Warrior within by looking into the real life stories of women of the Bible and how they used the armor of God. In addition to that she has an online T-shirt shop: 🧡

I just found her here and listened to her newest podcast on becoming a woman of influence and was inspired! My poor friend, @extensionsbygina, had to listen to so much that I learned while she prettied up my hair. 😊😉😘 With all that said, it is SO good to have @thewarriorSHE in #ourcreativevillage and to be able to highlight her today! Please give her a warm welcome and go check her podcast out. I think you’ll LOVE it!🧡

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